Innovation Areas

Balmer Lawrie invites applications from start-up entities pursuing innovation in areas having close synergy with Balmer Lawrie’s businesses as follows:

Focus areas of the Start-Up Scheme

  • Logistics Services including Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Container Freight Stations, Cold Chain Logistics and 3 PL;
  • Travel & Hospitality, Ticketing, Tours & Vacations;
  • Greases & Lubricant;
  • Industrial Packaging solutions
  • Chemicals including Leather, Textile and Agro chemicals
  • Refinery & Oil Field Services
  • Other areas such as Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Waste to Wealth

The innovation could be in terms of products, services or systems and processes including IT based interventions such as Data Management, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Robotics, Blockchain Technology etc. Such offerings should have significant impact or value addition potential in the above mentioned business activities.

Last updated on : 19/02/2021
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