HR Initiatives of Balmer Lawrie

People Excellence Initiatives

People continue to be the cornerstone of BL's success. In recognition of this, several HR initiatives directed at upgrading the quality of the human resource and improving their alignment to the Organization are taken up time and again. As part of employee engagement initiatives, every year Town Hall Meetings are organised across locations pan India, during which C&MD and the whole time Directors of the Company addresses all Executives and Officers. This initiative provides a platform for the employees to interact with C&MD and Directors and give suggestions.

In 2012, under the BLEND (Balmer Lawrie Engaging in Nurturing & Development) programme a new Talent Mangement Policy was successfully deployed, which included:

  • Rolling out of more focused & attractive designations (Upgrading of designations and introduction of the VP series),
  • Lowering of age/experience criteria to attract young talent from the market, and
  • Introduction of a Fast Track Career Scheme for HiPos within the Company

Under BLESS (BL Engagement & Satisfaction Survey), more than 95% of Executives & Officers participated in an employee satisfaction & engagement survey conducted by Deloitte. A Satisfaction score of 71 and an Engagement score of 68 are a tribute to the alignment of people to the organisation. The findings of this Survey along with action plan for further HR initiatives were shared with the participants in Town Hall Meetings held at all major locations of the Company.

It is needless to mention that Organisational transformation can only take place provided it is backed by Leadership transformation. Towards this, leveraging the BLCOMPASS exercise, a structured leadership development framework is being put in place under the BOLD (BL Organisational Leadership Development) initiative. This programme is expected to help develop leaders, who will not only drive the transformational agenda within but would also be instrumental in meeting the succession needs of the Company.

The success of any organisations depends on the alignment & performance of its people and our Company is no exception to this. To further this process, we have embarked on a two prong approach; one, to build an organisation structure which recognises the realities of today's business and two, to drive performance & delivery of people who man this structure. Accordingly, the organisation structure is under review and the Revised Organisation Structure, providing for a leaner and smarter organisation, is expected to be implemented soon. The process of alignment and delivery of individual targets to the goals & objectives of the organisation is being driven by making the Performance Management System more robust. In pursuance of this, a series of PMS workshops covering all executives, were organised in 2012. Further, based on feedback received during these workshops, a number of modifications are being made to the PMS instrument and the PMS process. These would be rolled out soon as a part of the annual PMS programme.

Quality in all that we do is no longer a mere slogan in the organisation. Towards actualising this, a comprehensive TQM movement has been initiated in the year gone by. Right across the organisation, TQM Awareness programmes have been conducted covering all categories of employees. Quality Circles have been constituted in all SBUs and all of them are working on one or more improvement projects. Where quality is a reality, innovation cannot be far away. To recognise this spirit of innovation & ideation, a suggestion scheme named Ek Soch was launched across the Company.

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