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Balmer Lawrie has been in existence since 1867 and has evolved overtime, establishing several milestones in the Corporate annals of the country. It was the first PSE to go global, by setting up manufacturing facilities outside India. It was the first to subscribe to Commercial Paper and is perhaps the most diversified Corporate entity in the country today.

BL offers career opportunities, to deserving aspirants, practically at all points in their career lifecycle. In BL, induction of external talent is considered as a critical management practice that facilitates organisational renewal. Induction of talent at all levels is a merit based practice, and excepting for selection of fresher(s) carried out through campus recruitments, all lateral inductions are initiated through advertisements in National Dailies of repute and on our website. Prospective candidates interested in exploring opportunities in BL should therefore regularly track BL website under Careers.

Career Opportunities

Generally, recruitment in the Executive Cadre is done by inducting professionals at three levels in the Company.

Level 1

Junior Management (Assistant Manager / Deputy Manager / Manager)

At the entry level to the Executive Cadre Management Graduates and Engineering Graduates are inducted as executive Trainees and Graduate Engineers. For this purpose, BL visits select campuses, viz. IITs, NITs, IIMs, and other premier Institutes of national repute. On completion of 1 year of training ETs are absorbed as Assistant Managers in the Company.

Additionally, BL also recruits professionals laterally as Deputy Managers / Managers with relevant industry experience into first-line manager roles, in functions like Marketing, Production, Supply Chain, QC, R&D, A&F, HR, IT etc.

Level 2

Middle Management (Senior Manager / Chief Manager)

BL inducts professionals with specific domain expertise into its middle management level. The requirement for applying for such roles is professional qualification with minimum 7 years of relevant post qualification experience. Talent induction at this level is directed to address the emergent special skill requirement of the Company and to build a leadership pool to support growth needs of the Company.

Level 3

Senior Management (Associate Vice President / Vice President)

Induction of talent in the Senior Management level in BL is carried out as part of its strategic initiative to enhance the Leadership Bandwidth. Professionals having a minimum of 11 years to 13 years of relevant post qualification experience and with leadership potential are inducted as Associate Vice President or Vice President in the Company. Incumbent at these levels hold leadership roles in critical functional areas.

Level 4

Top Management (COO / Senior Vice President)

All major businesses of the Company and all Functional Heads of shared services such as A&F, IT etc. are manned at the Top Management level. Though direct induction at this level is far and few, opportunities do arise once in a while.

Career In BL

A successful career in BL is essentially a story of evolution, marked by three elements Education, Exposure and Experience. BL inducts talent at all levels, and prefers to grow leaders from within. Accordingly, the recruitment policy of the Company is aligned with its Talent Management Policy.

Under the talent management policy the Company maintains a dynamic roster of Executives with potential for being 'fast-tracked'. All vacancies irrespective of the level (Junior/ Middle/ Senior/Top) is internally circulated. Executives identified as fast-trackers are provided opportunity to apply against openings to Grades higher; thereby, providing 'Jump-Level' career progression opportunity to those who deserve. BL is committed to providing best possible career progression to the professionals who care to continue with the Company and dare to chase the limits of her/ his competence.

Further the Executive Career Management practice of BL is rooted in the BL Leadership Competency Framework. At BL, the belief is that every individual can scale the 'heights of excellence' provided she/he takes advantage of inputs provided to her/him in three core areas

  • Education for Structured Thinking,
  • Exposure to opportunities for mastering the art of Execution and
  • Experience of varied situation to master ingenuous Application

The above stated needs remain true irrespective of the position an individual holds in the hierarchy, of course the tenor varies with span of control and the complexity of environment. Hence the learning process operates over the continuum Instructional to Experiential. As an Executive moves up the hierarchy, the developmental inputs get more personalised and experiential, delivered through coaching, shadowing and mentoring.

At each threshold level (JM to MM and then MM to SM) in an individual's career, BL deploys the 4D model framework as under

Career decisions in BL are strictly linked to its robust Performance Management System, where every Executive's performance is evaluated under a KPT based performance evaluation instrument. Every executive is also assessed on the BL Leadership Competency Framework and against BL Values Framework. Our fast-trackers are characterised by their never-say-die attitude and keenness to achieve their personal and team goals.

Be a part of BL to embark in journey of building a career that could take you through the marvel of being part of a heritage and assume leadership roles in businesses which are as diverse and rich as your dream could be!

Balmer Lawrie executive Career Progression Rule

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