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Why give up LPG Subsidy

Domestic LPG is heavily subsidized by the Govt. of India which amounts to a huge annual subsidy burden draining country’s precious resources. Large number of citizens who are above poverty line and who are not in favour of the subsidies have joined the #GiveItUpCampaign and pay the full price for the product, thereby making a personal contribution towards nation-building. The subsidy given up by you will free up connections for households in rural areas which are deprived of clean fuel and suffer from high levels of indoor pollution. Visit the website and follow few simple steps to give up your subsidy.

BL GiveItUp Champions

Employee Designation Location
Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar Director [HR&CA] HO, Kolkata
Mr. J.P Ambrose AVP[HR]- SR Manali, Chennai
Mr. S Murali Chief Manager [R&D] ARL, Kolkata
Mr. Subhayu Chakraborty Chief Manager [IT] HO, Kolkata
Mr. N Parameswaran Chief Manager [R&D] ARL, Kolkata
Ms. Mohar Mukhopadhyay Head [Corporate Communications] HO, Kolkata
Mr. Aryya Kanti Naha Senior Manager [Logistics & Depot Management] G&L, Kolkata
Mr. Arpan Choudhury Manager [MMLH] Visakhapatnam
Mr. S.Chandrasekaran Manager [A&F] Manali, Chennai
Mr. P.K Sau Deputy Manager [WD] W&D, Kolkata
Mr. Srikanth Sridhar Asst. Manager [HR] HO, Kolkata
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