Message of Continued Support to Global Compact

Last year, across the globe, there were many instances of calamities, ranging from floods and droughts to wild fires that impacted lives, businesses and displaced communities in large numbers. In our country too, we witnessed grave situations and deep losses caused by floods in 2017. The Arctic Report of 2017 has many observations and concerns that need our undivided attention to act, and act decisively and swiftly. This report is the consolidated effort of 85 scientists from 12 different countries working on arctic weather. The report has been generated every year, over the last 12 years and sadly, each passing year makes the previous year look much better. Two key highlights of the 2017 report which are pretty alarming are – 1. The average surface air temperature for the year ending September 2017 was the second warmest since 1900 and 2. The sea ice cover continued to be relatively young and thin with older, thicker ice comprising only 21% of the ice cover in 2017 compared to 45% in 1985. The climate is so volatile that none of us can predict anything definitive about the future. The National Hurricane Center at Miami, USA published a listing of costliest tropical cyclones to strike the United States, and in 2017 itself, three hurricanes (Hurricane Harvey, Maria and Irma) caused a combined damage of USD 265 billion. During the same year, about 9.8 million acres were burned across USA, compared with 5.4 million in 2016 and this wild fire burning ranked higher in number of acres burned, compared to the 10-year average.

The world is going through an unprecedented time and the cost of not being compliant on sustainability matters will be humongous for businesses. To meet the challenges of unpredictable climatic changes, technology changes including AI, big data, block chain etc., business environment changes and the ever-rising expectations of various stakeholders, companies will have to set more and more aggressive sustainability goals. At Balmer Lawrie we have continuously endeavored to drive up the sustainability index in our businesses and we are well on track as far as our sustainability roadmap is concerned. I am proud to state that for the first time we have published the Business Responsibility Report [BRR] and Sustainability Report 2016-17 for Balmer Lawrie, thereby disclosing our performance on the triple bottom line to our stakeholders. The leadership at Balmer Lawrie has recently endorsed the roll out of the ‘HSE Progressive Disciplinary Policy’ with the aim of fostering and nurturing the HSE culture in the organisation. SBU: Industrial Packaging (IP) was the proud winner of the BayBuy Award for sustainable value add, for the year 2017, given away by Bayer Corporation. Balmer Lawrie has been associated with the Bayer Group for decades and has been supplying steel drums to their different facilities. Winning this award is a reflection of the organisation’s commitment towards sustainability. This year the IP plants at Asaoti, Navi Mumbai and Silvassa have scored 200/200 in the audit for Together for Sustainability (TfS).

Our Communication of Progress (COP) report for the year 2017-18 highlights our organisation’s efforts and achievements in furthering our sustainability goals which are seamlessly integrated with the overall business objectives. Trust and transparency is key to driving a culture of sustainable development and we stand committed in our journey to steer sustainable growth not only in our businesses processes, products and services but in the overall ecosystem comprising all our stakeholders and the community.

Prabal Basu
Chairman & Managing Director

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